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गवर्नमेंट (पीजी) कॉलेज, देवबंद, सहारनपुर

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About Govt.(PG) College, Deoband, Saharanpur

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About Govt.(PG) College, Deoband, Saharanpur

  1. महाविद्यालय का नाम: राजकीय स्नातकोत्तर महाविद्यालय, देवबंद, जिला सहारनपुर
    • नैक मूल्यांकन एवं यु.जी.सी / वि. वि. से सम्बद्धता: यु.जी.सी से 2(F) एवं 12(B) में सम्बद्ध है। नैक मूल्यांकन हेतु आवेदन किया है। चौधरी चरण सिंह विश्वविद्यालय मेरठ से सम्बद्ध है।
    • विकास खंड का नाम: देवबंद
    • तहसील जिला का नाम: देवबंद, जिला सहारनपुर
    • विधानसभा क्षेत्र का नाम: देवबंद
  2. टेलीफोन नंबर कार्यालय: 222209
    एस. टी. डी. कोड नंबर: 01336
    • प्रचार्य का मोबाइल नंबर: 9997132543
    • महाविद्यालय का ई-मेल:
    • महाविद्यालय की वेबसाइट:
    • पिन कोड नंबर: 247554
  3. महाविद्यालय का स्थापना वर्ष: 1983
  4. महाविद्यालय की भूमि का विवरण:
    • संस्था / महाविध्यालय के नाम भू- राजस्व अमिलेखों में अंकिस भूमि का क्षेत्रफल (वर्ग मीटर में): 1.870 हेक्टेयर
    • उक्त भूमि का विवरण:
      • जनपद: सहारनपुर
      • तहसील: देवबंद
      • ग्राम: चकराम बाडी
      • गाटा स॑ख्या (जिसके अंतर्गत भूमि / भूमि का भाग संस्था / महाविद्यालय के नाम अंकित है): खाता संख्या 5, तथा खाता संख्या 11, कुल भूमि 1.870 हेक्टेयर
  5. महाविद्यालय के भवन का विवरण:
    • वर्तमान मे निर्मित भवन की स्थिति: कला संकाय एवं वाणिज्य संकाय भवन
    • भवन का क्षेत्रफल: पुराना भवन: 594 वर्ग मी , कला संकाय: 860.13 वर्ग मी, वाणिज्य संकाय: 726 वर्ग मी
  6. भवन में उपलब्ध सुविधाओ का विवरण:
    • विधुत आपूर्ति : संचालित है
    • पेयजल : उपलब्ध है
    • प्रसाधन : छात्र/छात्राओं हेतु उपलब्ध है
    • जनरेटर : उपलब्ध है
    • अग्निशमन यंत्र : उपलब्ध है
    • महाविद्यालय में इंटरनेट की सुविधा : सुविधा उपलब्ध है
    • कंप्यूटर प्रिंटर आदि : सुविधा उपलब्ध है
    • नेटवर्क रिसोर्स सेंटर : सुविधा उपलब्ध है
    • ऑडिटोरियम सेमिनार कक्ष : नहीं है
    • प्राचार्य आवास / अथिति कक्ष का विवरण : प्राचार्य आवास है / अथिति कक्ष नहीं है
    • छात्रावास का विवरण : नहीं है
    • क्रीडा स्थल : नहीं है
    • क्रीडा सामग्री : उपलब्ध है
  7. महाविद्यालय में संचालित पाठ्यक्रमों का विवरण:
    • क्रम संकाय स्नातक स्तर पर संचालित विषय सनात्कोत्तर स्तर पर संचालित विषय वि वि द्वारा आवंटित सीट आरक्षण (प्रतिशत में)
      1 कला संकाय हिंदी, अंग्रेजी, संस्कृत, इतिहास, अर्थशास्त्र, राजनीति, विज्ञान, समाजशास्त्र, उर्दू हिंदी, राजनीति शास्त्र, समाजशास्त्र 266 SC - 23, OBC - 27, GEN - 50
      2 विज्ञान संकाय -- -- -- --
      3 वाणिज्य संकाय सभी अनिवार्य विषय -- 60 SC - 23, OBC - 27, GEN - 50
  8. महाविद्यालय में अध्यनरत छात्र छात्राओं की कुल संख्या : 1062
  9. प्रयोगशालाओं में उपलब्ध उपकरणों एवं संयंत्रों का विषयवार विवरण : महाविद्यालय में कोई प्रयोगात्मक विषय नहीं है
  10. महाविद्यालय में संचालित शैक्षणिक गतिविधियां:
    • न सी सी
      • यूनिट संख्या : 01
      • आवंटित संख्या : 54
    • न एस एस
      • यूनिट संख्या : 01
      • आवंटित संख्या : 100

Message by Our Principal


I am immensely pleased to welcome you to the Government P.G. College, Deoband website. Wherever you are in the world I hope you will be inspired by our website and consider for joining us to further your academic studies. The college is situated in an Eco-Friendly environment at holy land of Deoband, Saharanpur which is famous for world renowned Islamic institution Dar-Ul-Uloom and a sidhh pith temple of Maa Tripur Bala Sundri. It was established in the year 1983 with affiliation to CCS University, Meerut and started functioning in its own spacious beautiful building with large open area. Our college has highly qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty members who have sole aim to help in inculcating social, moral and spiritual values into the students besides preparing them for the examinations through modern education. Our stress will remain on quality education because we feel that good education is necessary for improving what we have, for planning what we will need and for providing us with the capacity and skill to face the future with confidence. India is marching forward to become the super power in a decade from now. To make it a reality, higher education of the along with the best services must be available to every one in the society. Though higher education is made available to the deserved ones with many institutions sprucing up all around, higher education with quality assured and attributes for the over all evolution of personality is imparted.

As Abraham Lincon has rightly stated to his son's teacher:

"Teach him gently, but do not cuddle him because only the test of fire makes fine steel. Teach him to listen to all men, but teach him also to filter all he hears on a screen of truth and take only the good comes through ".

I welcome you and assure you that tenure of three years you spend in the college will certainly help you to grow morally, scientifically, intellectually and will enable you to become responsible and contributing members of the society. I pray to the almighty that this budding institution reaches new heights in the coming years. Yoga, meditation, sports, cultural and other extra curricular activities are held regularly. We are devoted to achieve our goal of providing high quality higher education and to nurture a student into a humane citizen and a professional personality. We value both tradition and modernity to establish age-old values amongst students and yet remain relevant to 21th. Century academic scenario by transformation and modernizing its academic and extra curricular schedule.Our efforts are to offer enjoyable and fulfilling experience of learning in a disciplined atmosphere. We feel it is our duty to help our students to develop a balanced personality a blend of practical needs and spiritual values. May God bless us to fulfill our mission.

Dr. Gaurav Balyan,
Principal : गवर्नमेंट (पीजी) कॉलेज, देवबंद, सहारनपुर





Why Choose Us?

Here is the reason for why you should choose गवर्नमेंट (पीजी) कॉलेज, देवबंद, सहारनपुर ,अपने निर्माणकाल से ही महाविद्यालय निरन्तर प्रगति के पथ पर अग्रसर रहते हुए छात्र - छात्राओं को उच्च कोटि का शैक्षणिक वातावरण सुलभ कराता रहा है


There are more than 6600 Books in the College Library regarding to all subjects taught in college


Annual games are organised in the college. Selected student further plays intercollegiate and inter University Sports events every year.

The National Service Scheme

NSS is a Central Sector Scheme of the Government of India, Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports.

Our Vision Statement


Our Mission includes to nurture our students to realize their potential and identify and achieve their goals in an environment of joyful and harmonious learning while keeping alive the spirit of togetherness and ‘Service before Self’. Obsessed with an unrelenting focus on academic excellence, the college looks ahead with zeal in upbringing students in a diverse learning environment. The College ensures to inculcate in their students, the respect and appreciation of people from different cultures, religions, ethnic groups, and socio-economic backgrounds. The college vows to continually strive and instill an intrinsic desire in the students as to always strive to meet the high expectations they have set for themselves, no matter what their goals are.